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Electric Skateboard Meets Scooter

Scooterboard is like riding an electric skateboard with its sideways-stance & lean-to-steer maneuvering, but with the added control and stability of a handle at your fingertips.

Portability: our folding handle means Scooterboard can stay by your side - wherever life takes you. 

Ride it, carve it, fold it, charge it.

  • Lean-to-Steer Front Axle

    This is a major game changer. With a motorized rear wheel and a fork-mounted swiveling front truck, you can lean at a much greater angle, resulting in sharper steering.

  • Control Handle for Stability

    The control handle gives you more stability and confidence, from learning to ride to more advanced techniques, all with one hand! Throttle & brakes are built-in: no dependence on a wireless controller for your safety.

  • Foldable Handle

    Fold up with the spring release and pull Scooterboard along with you. It easily fits in a small space like a trunk or a locker.

  • Battery Safety

    Checkpoints in the charger and battery prevent overcharging, so you can rest assured our battery is safe.

  • Two Modes

    Casual Mode and Power Mode give you choice in how you ride. Do you want to cruise around town with easy acceleration and braking? There's a mode for that. How about a sportier feel with faster acceleration and braking? There's a mode for that too.

  • No App Needed

    You will never need your phone to use or setup your Scooterboard - no bluetooth, no setup, no hassle, no problem!

  • Scooterboard electric skateboard scooter hybrid 3 wheel board
  • Scooterboard electric skateboard scooter hybrid 3 wheel board
  • Scooterboard electric skateboard scooter hybrid by InMotion
  • Scooterboard electric skateboard scooter hybrid 3 wheel board
  • Scooterboard by InMotion
  • Scooterboard by InMotion

What Users Say


"I absolutely love the Scooterboard. Despite never having ridden it before, I felt like I was in control the whole time. The controls are intuitive, the base is strong and sturdy, and the ride was smoother than I expected. While riding, I couldn't help but think, 'Man, this is a well thought out product.'"

- Nathan C

 "Coming from a background where snowboarding and skateboarding were readily available, I fell in love with the product and design! Scooterboard has made it safe to get to work with a fast and safe commute. The mobility and extreme functionality, combined with a fun ride is one of a kind. It's easy to learn for any level of experience!"

- Brian D

 "I love the simplicity and intuitiveness of the Scooterboard. It's easy to go from zero to carving up streets in minutes, and the smile on my face had everyone asking where they could get their own."

- Ray B

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

One Year Limited Warranty 

If you're not happy, we've got you covered!